for the love of coffee

Our Mission

We’re breaking the old methods and rebuilding them with coffee farmers’ and our fates in mind. We want to shorten the time, space, and energy that’s required to produce a cup of your morning routine.

Our Purpose

To create a better future for both coffee and the planet.

Reducing Water Use

With current production methods, we use around 140 Litres of water to create 1 cup of coffee.

Multiple coffee cups
A beautiful image of the earth's greenery

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Coffee is not only on one of the most consumed products in the world, but it's also one of the most polluting. The way we produce coffee today creates heavy carbon emissions.

Climate Change Threatens The Future Of Coffee

Increasing temperatures and erratic rains, are decreasing the suitability of coffee producing regions and farms.

A tiny coffee bean sprout
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