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A sustainable coffee alternative for all who love coffee, combining the same taste, look,
and smell of the coffee we know and love with a smaller footprint to ensure a bigger, brighter future for both coffee and the planet.

We’re Compound Foods. We combine scientific innovations with ancient culinary techniques to create a natural, beanless coffee. We do things our own way, because we believe that breaking from tradition is not only fun, but necessary for an optimistic future.

Image of Compound founder, Maricel Saenz

How it all started

A native Costa Rican, Maricel Saenz has grown up witnessing how climate change has impacted coffee farmers at home and worldwide. Coffee has become the fifth-most polluting crop in the value chain, and as a devout coffee drinker herself, Maricel wanted to find a solution. Her dream was to create a coffee that tasted like the terroir of home without the negative impact on the forest and supply chains involved. In 2020, she founded Compound Foods in San Francisco.

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2325 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA , 94107


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